When to ReBrand

September 18, 2014


I have come to the realization that I have struggled with my business and my blog because I felt I did not have a sense of direction or a specific style.  I’ve been doing a lot of self-evaluating and searching to find my style for many months.  I know that some of you can relate.  I’m excited to tell you that I’ve grounded myself and found my style.  My style may not be a specific image repeated in designs, it may not be always a specific color (though I do have my faves), and it may not be a specific technique.  I LOVE them all.


I am a technique junkie.  I love  learning new things.  I’m easily distracted by new products, new tools, and new techniques.  I want to try everything…abstracts, acrylics, paper crafts, oil paints, assemblage arts, quilting, sewing, knitting, beading, mosaics, soldering, encaustics, etc etc etc.

Sage I homeschooled my daughter from Kindergarten to College and my main goal was to instill in my daughter the love of learning and to teach her how to find information so that she can teach herself and/or know how to find others to teach her skills and/or knowledge she so desires.  I have come to realize that this specific goal relates to my own life.  I did start off going to school for commercial and graphic design, but life got in the way before I received my degree.  I may not have a degree in art or design, but I AM a self-taught artist.  I continue to take classes in person and online.  I’ve taken classes from many of my designer friends.  I have an extensive library of books and magazines.  I feel I have something to learn each day.


With all of this said, I realize I have a lot to share too and I LOVE teaching.  My passion is creating in the zone and even more so to share this passion with others.  I love seeing the light bulb go off in a class of students when I share a certain technique or even a little quick tip.  I love seeing the satisfaction and joy that my students have when they leave a class with something they made and created and they are proud of.

I love playing and being creative.  I always have.  I love creating all forms of art work.  I love sharing my work with others.  I definitely love when someone appreciates my work enough to buy it!

This is my style. I am a Mixed Media Artist and I am a Professional Designer in the Craft & Hobby Industry.  I create art, I sell art, I exhibit art, I teach art.  I have a lot more that I will be sharing soon in regards to my direction and business.

With this newfound sense of grounding and direction, I realized it was time for me to ReBrand myself.  Most people in this industry and in my area know me as Cheryl Boglioli (I am luck to have that unique name).  Most people, fans, customers, and manufacturers did not relate me to Cheryl’s Window.  And I can’t tell you how many people thought I either sold windows or cleaned windows.  ….No…I don’t do windows.    I started Cheryl’s Window many years ago as a simple blog to show off my cards and layouts with the tag line of A View in My Studio.  From there, I started with a few design teams and finally became a Professional Designer and a CHA Designer Member.  I quit a full-time job to follow my passion and be a designer and artist full time.  I’ve finally gone back to my Art roots and am painting, selling my works, and exhibiting my art work.  I am teaching and miss the fact I have not traveled much this year.  (ps…that will be changing).


You’ll notice the new website name as Cheryl Boglioli Designs™.  Cheryl’s Window will still work for a while as well.  I’ve also got a new logo thank so much to Joanne Fink from Zenspirations.   I finally had the chance to meet Joanne and get to know her while visiting her home with Eileen Hull while on her #Paprtrail3.  Eileen was visiting Florida and I traveled with her for the week while here.  Joanne opened her home and showed us the sweetest hospitality.  Eileen and Joanne were a wealth of inspiration and information for me.  And this is why I love being a CHA Designer Member.  The friends I have made are truly becoming lifelong friends and we speak the same language.  Joanne sat down with me and started asking me why I felt I needed to rebrand, what I do, why I love what I do, what is my passion, and more.  I was totally amazed that she took my jumbled thoughts and ideas and just sat down in the middle of me talking and started sketching ideas.  Next thing I knew, she nailed a logo that I felt perfectly suited me.  Thank you, Joanne.  Now, this logo is even more special because not only does it exemplify me and my business, but it was handdrawn by someone I now consider a friend.

I have so much more I want to share, but I go from blogging about nothing to writing a small novella.  Keep checking back, but put on a smock or apron.  As I undergo changes to the website and work on this rebranding issue, there might be some paint splatters along the way.  Thanks for being my fans and mostly for being my friends.  Thank you for supporting me and your continued encouragement.  I could not do this without YOU!


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